Creator Owned Projects

Scar Comics are always on the look out for original stories from talented creators, who wish to get their own book published, but have not been picked up by other publishers, or can’t afford to publish their own books.

It works like this: We pay for the printing and marketing of the book. You provide a completed graphic novel (we can help with design if this is not to your strength).

Once the book is published, and the costs incurred by Scar Comics are made back through sales, we split all profits with the creator/s 50/50.

Our funds are limited, and we will only consider publishing work we personally would want to read ourselves. If you think you have something special that would suit the Scar Comics line of titles, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

Please do not send any superhero stories, or scripts without any artwork as we only accept projects with an artist attached.

If you are an editor submitting an Anthology we would need to see samples of each story.

Due to the high volume of submissions we are currently receiving we can only reply to those we have an interest in developing or would like to publish. If you do not receive a reply within two weeks that means your submission was not suitable at this time.

Your pitch should consist of the following:

  • 6 – 10 pages of complete artwork from your book 72dpi, full size
  • A full story outline including the concept in a sentence, beginning, middle and end
  • Deatails of any main characters key to the story (optional)
  • Full details of your final page count and format
  • Your full contact details and full details of creators who own or part own the project
  • The entire text of your pitch must be no longer than 1 page in MS Word.

Send your questions and submissions to:

Creative Partnerships and Consultation

Do you have an existing property such as a movie or video games that you’d like to develop into comics? Scar Comics can help you with all aspects of this by acting as publishing and production consultants.
Whether it’s help with printing, finding creatives to work for you, distribution or marketing, we have experience in all of these areas. We can work for hire or as partners on existing properties and offer Film and Games companies the opportunity to create high quality comic books at very affordable prices.

53 Responses to Submissions

  1. Ross Leonard says:


    This is merely a small enquiry before I submit my pitch:

    I have written a comic called Maximum Alan, which follows comic book legend Alan Moore, as he faces off against his evil clones in a pulp adventure told in thee issues.

    Of course, I would add more detail in my complete pitch – but that would come depending on the response to my enquiry.

    Would you have any interest in a story that has a hyperbolic characterisation of a non-fictional comic book writer as it’s main protagonist?

    I have been in touch with Alan Moore regarding his permission to seriously continue with this idea, and he has given his free consent to do so.

    I will be happy to give a complete pitch; though, I felt that a pre-pitch would be useful – regarding how odd the concept is.



  2. Devonte amie says:

    I have something i would hope you guys could publish.its called element benders. Its about a boy named zack who comes to a new town. He is a great martial artist so this grants him both friends and rivals. Soon when planet conquering aliens show up it unlocks a secret power that had laid dormant in him for all his life. The power of the infamous element bender. So to discover more about his past he and the other characters travel through space looking for answers. Im a good ways through so let me know what you think.

  3. Steven Tronsen says:

    I’m not sure if this is the place to submit my comic…

    Its basically about.

    The world has been destroyed by robots, majority of humans have been killed. The story is about Harmony, a survivor of that holocaust, joining up with a psychopathic android to fight the robots and retake the world.

    I have 5 pages and a cover all penciled, inked, lettered… And a team of artists…

    I have a page synopsis and character information.

    Is there a email I should send it all too?

  4. Lou Baker says:

    Atten : Art Dept.

    I am submitting my art in the hopes of finding cover work with your company. You can contact me by phone or email. Thanks and have a great day.


    PS- I know there are a couple of copyrighted characters here but they are just an exapmle of my work. You can imagine ANY character you want in that painting.

  5. MZ says:

    I have a fully scripted 4 issue min-series completed. However, no artwork/creative. Do you accept scripted submissions only?

  6. kenny says:

    Hey Shane thanks again for looking over my book. I’m glad you’re interested and the crit you gave going to def….re-work my pages and re send them to you soon..
    thanks again…kenny

  7. Chebbo says:

    Scar Comics will be looking at Portfolios at:

  8. Jesse Calomino says:

    I was just curious if you’re only interested in publishing singular graphic novels/comics or if you’re open to projects that are a little bigger like a trilogy or even an ongoing series?

    • chebbo says:

      Hi Jesse

      We are willing to look at Serial Graphic Novels so long as each episode is self contained as a story in it’s own right. We will not be publishing any floppies in the forseeable future.

      • Jesse Calomino says:

        Thanks for the response. Just a quick follow up. When you say you don’t accept superhero stories, is that in the traditional big logo on the chest, cape flowing in the wind sense or does that apply to anything related to superhumans?

  9. Chebbo says:

    That’s a fair question Jesse. We wouldn’t refuse to consider a book just because some characters or a character had super human abilities but we are more interested in more adult genres such as crime, horror, sci fi or political thrillers. If you look at our current catalogue of titles on here you should have a good idea of what we like to publish.

  10. Steven Cason says:

    Hello, Scarcomics. I was wondering if the company would look at manga pitches or graphic novels drawn in the manga style? Thanks.

    • Chebbo says:

      Probably not. It would depend on the style of the art and the quality of the story.
      Some manga stands out because it’s different from the rest, which is great!. However most of it all looks exactly the same and we have no interest in the whole ‘big eyes, teen angst formula’ stuff… other publishers are already doing a great job of publishing that stuff.

  11. Shaun Williams says:

    Hey, Scarcomics

    I was wondering if you have an age requirement on your submissions and do all submissions have to include art? Thanks.

    • Chebbo says:

      Stories can be all ages. Yes we would need to see some least 6 completed sequential pages and will only sign up completed works at this stage although that may change soon.

  12. CRUCASE says:

    Is there a specific number of pages?

    I´m assuming that 48 pages is a small amount; but what about 72 and beyond?

  13. Hi,I’m Pramit from India. I’ve made a 63 page sci-fi graphic novel. It’s been 6 months since I’ve been sending submissions. So,after a lotta wait,getting frustrated,uploaded the my whole thing on web here: .
    I wannna know if I can still submit it to you.It is all uploaded there. You can read the whole story and tell me. By sci-fi, I don’t mean people wearing a lotta junk here, it’s a little mysterious-futuristic-reasonable sci-fi. So,read it carefully and PLEASE read it all.The first few pages are really old ,so if you ask me ,I’ll recreate them. I’ll also forward you a submission e-mail containing more than 5 pages,synopsis,personal details as you’ve asked. But I don’t think it would matter as I’ve got the whole thing on the link above.
    I’m a dreamer.

  14. Read my webcomic:
    I’ve already sent the submission.How long do yuo usually take?

    • Chebbo says:

      I’m afraid your site doesn’t give us enough info about your work. We’d need to see more sequential pages and a synopsis for your book. From what I can see on the site it’s not what we’re looking for a the moment thanks


  15. christian says:

    Hi Scarcomics. I am the early planning stage of a graphic novel adaptation of “Notes from the Underground” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. I estimate to have the first six to eight pages completed in the next two months. It will take me a year or so to complete at that rate. Would this be something your interested in seeing? I dont want to have to email any artwork as I have no scanning equipment (and dont want any ether). If interested would a face to face meeting be possible? I am based in the north of England.

  16. Ken says:

    Thanks for looking over my book and saying no.. Strange because the bins you publish well.. The art work sucks.. Lol I really don’t get it you say you don’t like photo ref art I’m afraid your sadly wrong on this.. The art you publish looks like a child might of drawn it. I guess that’s the art you like. Oddly enough I just got a great response from image comics the shadow line studio like what I did so too bad we couldn’t work anything out. Good luck with that art school crap you publish .. Lol..

    • Chebbo says:

      Hi Ken
      I’m very happy to hear that you have found a publisher interested in your work.
      I’m sorry you felt it necessary to insult us and our creators.
      I would normally just delete posts like this, but I think it only fair to allow other publishers the opportunity to see just how unprofessional you are. My personal opinion of not liking photo ref art is neither right or wrong it is simply my opinion and not the primary reason for rejecting your submission. I took the time to reply to your submission as a courtesy and it’s a real shame you’ve responded with such unprofessional and childish behaviour. It will do you no favours in this industry that is for sure.
      Best of luck with your book at Image

  17. Marquitos Lapeña says:


    I’m a writer who is still currently looking for an artist. Most writers would know that it is very difficult to find an artist as I think writers outnumber artists in most “creative” websites. I’m currently working on a murder mystery and am wondering if it is possible to submit the script to you guys, even though the material has not been drawn yet?

    Many thanks!

  18. paul Zubine says:

    how do I submit my graphic novel ‘The Hidden’?

  19. Ve says:

    Hey there~,
    I’m an artist currently attached to an in-progress project that I’d really like to pitch to you guys. I was wondering if there was a specific minimum amount of completed pages that you prefer to see in submitted work? Thanks~.

  20. Chebbo says:

    For the purpose of a pitch please send between 6 – 10 pages of artwork along with your short synopsis

  21. HELLO

  22. paul zubine says:

    Hi, Shane, I’ve sent you an E-mail with an attachment of 10 pages of my graphic novel ‘The Hidden’ and a short synopsis, I hope you’ve recieved it and I’m looking forward to your response.
    Thank you in advance.
    Paul Zubine

    • paul zubine says:

      Hi, scarcomics, thanks for looking at the first ten pages of my graphic novel ‘The Hidden’ even if i’m dissapointed that you find the Art work and colouring not professional enought for publication, which i disagree!, but at least you agreed that it’s a good story line.
      Best of luck in your future publications.
      Paul Zubine.

  23. paul zubine says:

    As a foot note, I don’t think that the ten pages I showed you were a reflection of my recent art work on my graphic novel. You agreed that my story idea was good but suggested that I should find an artists, a colourist and an Editor for my dialogue!. You have not considerd that my work is more in the style of Franco/Belgian comics where their dialogue is much more extensive, Re- Blake & Mortimer comics if you are aware of them! they are the most sold graphic novels in Europe. Maybe in Britain we should be more connected to our fellow European comics then the Americans who are more about expressing a child-like vision of comics than a really good interesting story fit for any age and also educational. As for my colouring, I don’t think, if you saw some of my more recent work, you’ll find it below standard. As far as my Art work, you may have an opinion of what Art work is but I’ve been an experience art teacher for many years and have many awards for Art, so maybe your judgement was a little bit harsh and not very constructive.
    I’m not really that bothered if you don’t wish to publish any of my work, it’s just that I felt a little bit insulted by your comments.
    Should you wish to have another look of the more recent work i’ve done, I would be most greatful.
    Thank you in advance,
    Paul Zubine.

  24. Jeremy says:

    If you guys are interested, I can turn your books into motion comics. I edit with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. If you want I can send you some samples of my work

  25. Nik says:

    Dear sir or madame,
    I am stealing the idea of the pre-pitch from Ross Leonard and due owe him all my thanks.
    My graphic novel is a modern noir punk graphic novel that revolves around a boy genius who runs an underground gambling ring and his struggles within the business.
    I don’t know if this would be something that SCAR publishing would be interested in but would you be interested in hearing the pitch?

  26. Chebbo says:

    Hi Nik
    Please read the submission guidelines above.

  27. M. Matthew says:

    Just one thing, If i choose to send my completed pages as a physical copy is it possible or only digital?

  28. Salvador says:

    Still in business and operating? You publish some compelling work.

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