Here at Scar Comics we like to give that little bit extra to comics shops.  So if you are a comic shop here in the UK and would like to host a Scar Comics event we are always happy to help in any way we can.

Maybe you’d like to host a comic art work shop with one of our artists, or a signing. If there’s any way you think we can help you sell our books, and good comics in general, just drop us a line. We are always interested in innovative ideas to bring good comics to the masses.

Current retailers stocking Scar Comics titles include:

Ok Comics in Leeds –

Ace Comics in Richmond –

Forbidden Planet – Nationwide –

and  – of course – our local Comic Shop Infinity & Beyond in Shrewsbury –

If you would like to join this ever growing list of forward thinking retailers it couldn’t be easier:

The Madam Samurai Signing

Writer Gary Young and Creator Gael McLaughlin at the Madam Samurai signing at Infinity & Beyond in Shrewsbury.

Scar Comics titles are available direct to retailers at a 40% discount and 50% to distributors. The minimum order per title is just 2 copies. To find out more email us at: or give us a ring on 07843 443340

Wholesale copies are also available instantly online via our partner website:

Some titles like Madam Samurai are available via Diamond Distribution.

The Diamond order code for Madam Samurai: Volume One is APR101064

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