Shane and Andy

Scar comics began from a telephone ideas jam between Shane Chebsey and Andy Richmond. Both creators love their comics, and both love self publishing. They had their own separate ongoing projects: Andy was a founder member of Dusk – an anthology of like minded creators, and Shane had The Smallzone Distribution Service and variouis self publishing projects.

However, they both had great ideas, starting with the “Dead By Dawn Quarterly”, which was to invite all the most talented creators they knew , both small and big press, to submit 4 page horror stories to a perfect bound anthology.

Andy Richmond - Co Publisher and Art Director

Andy Get’s into bother at the Telford Expo 2006

The idea being that a 4 page limit would force the creators to come up with there best work, and tightest storytelling.

The invitations were sent out, and before long a huge interest was generated in the book. Everyone wanted to be part of this new talent fest, the final result was a wonderful collection of short stories from some of worlds most innovative artists.

They had the idea for the book, but had to think of a publishing imprint under which they could publish their collaborations.

Scar comics, a simple combination of the two creator’s initials: S.C. and A.R. was born.

Now Andy and Shane are working hard to bring exciting creator owned comics and high quality publications to a readership that demands the best. And the sky is certainly not the limit!

To buy Scar Comics books go to: http://www.scarcomics.com/shop.htm

4 Responses to About

  1. Jesse says:

    Can I buy the two Mice graphic novels anywhere online in the US, or any shops in Los Angeles that carry them? Or will you be making the trip out to Comic-Con?

    • Chebbo says:

      Hi Jesse

      We are currently looking at US Distribution of the book with Diamond, but in the meantime you can order online from us as we ship to the US direct.

      all the best

  2. Joel Lim says:

    Hi Shane,

    Is there an email that I can contact you at? Saw your Kickstarter and I am loving it!! Thanks!!


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