New Rewards on the Forgotten Planet Kickstarter for Creators

Scar Comics are offering something pretty unique to aspiring comic artists and writers in conjunction with the Forgotten Planet Kickstarter campaign, which now has less than 2 weeks to run:

For just £30 pledged on Kickstarter, you not only get a copy of the book signed by the writer Peter Rogers, but you can also get either a 1 hour portfolio review from Scar Comics Publisher and Editor on the book Shane Chebsey or a full writing tutorial from Peter.

“The great thing about this reward is that by helping the new book get off the ground, you may also be helping yourself to a new career in comics, as if the campaign is successful Scar Comics will be looking for a new writer and artist team for our next project” said Publisher Shane Chebsey

The Tutorial and review will be conducted on-line either via Skype or email, depending on what the creator prefers.

The cover to the new book by Giancarlo

The cover to the new book by Giancarlo

To find out how you can get your review and a copy of the new book with stunning art by Marvel and DC artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo check out the campaign here:

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