The First Scar Comics Kickstarter Launches!

That’s right folks, the first Scar Comics Kickstarter campaign has now launched with the 100 page Science Fiction Graphic Novel Forgotten Planet by writer Peter Rogers and artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo.

This one’s got it all: A mystery, action, adventure and kick ass aliens. Not to mention great artwork from Giancarlo, who has worked for most of the major European and American comics publishers, since his first work was published in 1982 in his native Italy. His bold, energetic artwork has been seen in the likes of Jonah HexGorilla ManIron ManSpider-Man and Random Acts of Violence. His work gives this project a unique style and voice, and we are very proud to have such a respected professional on board.

“Giancarlo is one of those classic talents largely lost to this modern world, building new worlds fully realized with weight and depth as if they’d always existed.” –  IVAN BRANDON

“Giancarlo is a master storyteller and one of the freshest talents coming out of Europe at the moment. There is a reason I have worked with him over and over.” –  JIMMY PALMIOTTI

 “Having worked with Giancarlo on multiple projects including a successful kickstarter, I not only admire the quality of his illustrations, storytelling and professionalism, but also his dedication to seeing a a project through to the end. Plus he’s a great guy.” – JUSTIN GRAY

“Giancarlo was a pleasure to work with on Marvel’s Gorilla Man. In that series he was tasked with delivering monkeys holding big guns, beautiful femme fatales, insane tech, multiple time eras, and elaborate action set pieces. He delivered with uncompromising dedication and flair . Giancarlo’s a dynamic storyteller who puts characterization and atmosphere before anything else. His urgent line work is stylish and satisfying. He really can draw just about anything, and he makes it look easy too.” – MICHAEL HORWITZ

Scar Comics fans can help us to make this book happen in two ways: You can obviously pre order the book via Kickstarter here:

and you can share the above link with your friends on social media sites like Facebook to help us spread the word.

The great thing about Kickstarter is that you don’t have to pay for the book until the campaign is successful and it means you can also get the chance to own exclusive extra goodies like T-Shirts, Original Art, and a splendid Hardback edition of the book with a signed Dust Jacket and limited Edition art cards that will never be available in the shops!

Not only that, but when you pledge you can also get your name in the book as a thank you for helping us make it happen. So get on over to the Kickstarter site now and help make this great Sci fi adventure a reality!

An unlettered sneak peak at the new book with Art by Marvel and DC's Giancarlo Caracuzzo

An unlettered sneak peak at the new book with Art by Marvel and DC’s Giancarlo Caracuzzo

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