Madam Samurai Wins American Media Award

Scar Comics are pleased to announce that our 2010 book Madam Samurai recently won “Best Digital Comic” at the New Media Film Festival Awards in Los Angeles, USA. (Here’s a link:

This is a great kick start to our digital publishing plans as we look forward to rolling all of our titles out to ipad, PC and Android users this Summer with Madam Samurai leading the way.

Winning this award proves that traditionally crafted comics and graphic novels still have a place in the digital world as artist Dave Hitchcock still uses pencils and pens to produce his beautiful artwork without a single graphics tablet or scanner in sight 🙂

Congratulations to all those who worked with us on the book: Gary Young – writer, Dave Hithcock, Artist, and of course the creator Gael McLaughlin.


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1 Response to Madam Samurai Wins American Media Award

  1. Jim Maginn says:

    I’m an old buddy of Gary Young’s. I lost touch about 20 years ago. Anyone know how I could contact him?

    Jim Maginn.

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